What is lacking in social networking now?

This thought started with a Quora question – what is still missing in social networks – I believe it is the category-domain knowledge based discussion groups. Forums today do this, but they are very hard to find, and its hard to compare which/where is the best place for me to make my contribution.

Twitter is too ephemeral and length restriction make it impossible to have a meaningful discussion.

Facebook is best for friends & family sharing – its not a platform for meaningful discussion about a specific topic.

Quora may have some elements of what I’m looking for, but I have a hard time seeing how it will evolve beyond Silicon Valley.

So that leaves an easier way to find and participate in category-domain knowledge based discussions where it doesn’t matter so much who you are, or who you know, but what you know.

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  1. steve_dodd says:

    What can be done to help people find forums and compare to allow users to determine where/how to contribute?

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