This may be common to many things, but one of the troubles that one can get into with using Git and Unix command line’s up-arrow key “previous command line” feature is that you can get in the habit of running powerful commands from the CL without really knowing what you’re doing. The example is

git push -u origin master

I was running this command as part of the trio of git add . and git commit after seeing it in codecademy’s beginner tutorial. It worked fine until it stopped working all of a sudden when I changed the user that was setup for my git commands. Because of prior work I had done years ago on the computer for my first failed startup, the desktop Git was setup to push with another Git user account.

So when I “fixed” this yesterday and started using my default account, all of a sudden the -u command seems to have stopped working and it was not pushing the correct branch to production.

Now after doing the more advanced tutorial for Git, I now understand better what is going on, but for a while I was totally confused.